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Market dominance can be achieved with the right strategy.

It’s certainly challenging, but not insurmountable, for a company to uniquely identify, in every detail, their Total Addressable Market or TAM, and then consistently drive revenues to dominate this market over prolonged economic cycles.

While many companies succeed at identifying their TAM in every detail, most fail to dominate it.

The objective of every company should be to do this to become the market leader – to become Market Dominant. “To become”, is a transformational statement that requires great leaders to think and act differently from their past, their environment, and the emotions generated by risk and fear.

It's all about Science and Math.

Because market dominance and overall success can be traced back to the creation and implementation of the right structures, it’s a learnable, replicable discipline—a process.

The Branch49 SAT™ MED™ method for market domination is that process. Through a comprehensive process of audit, review, revise and implement, Branch49 skillfully employs its SAT™ MED™ method to rapidly build a revenue generation machine in order to create unfair competitive advantages for its clients leading to market domination.

Market Dominance is conventionally considered to be the privileged position of a few lucky companies.

Everything has to go right: product-market fit, an effective and scalable sales model, great timing, and availability of investment capital. But what if Market Dominance turns out to be something that cannot only be achieved by most companies but is also within your power to have — all without a lucky horseshoe, giving up control of your company to VCs, or sacrificing your sanity? Branch49, and its CEO – Corey Frank, who is also ½ of the popular Market Dominance Guys podcast – loves to share the surprising secrets of dominating business markets with tested step-by-step recipes based on powerful insights.

Our bulletproof process to win your market.

Most B2B tech companies are not at all plumbed or architected for an authentic market-dominating outbound sales strategy. Some sales leaders let their reps call who they want, when they want, and pitch what they want.

That isn’t a strategy; Rather, that’s a workplace version of some sort of “Montessori sales program.” It may be great for 6-year-olds, but not at all effective for seeking to lead the way to dominance in your Target Market.

Step 1

Calculate your Math of Sales

We start by examining and quantifying your Total Addressable Market, or more accurately, your Actionable Addressable Market. This is a better indication of the folks in your Ideal Customer Profile that will actually pick up the phone and have a conversation with you. This math exercise will reveal an actual path and cost of acquiring a conversation, converting that conversation to a meeting, and figuring out how many meetings you team needs to close for you to achieve a targeted revenue number.

Step 2

Create a List

This is an outbound call list we create for you based on your ideal customer traits (market, title, revenue, etc). This isn’t just some off the shelf, generic subscription database, either. We only want to call prospects who actually answer the phone, as is the advice of cold calling expert Ryan Reisert. We have a curated house file numbering in the hundreds of thousands in nearly a dozen industries and mapped house Through our relationships built over 20 years, chances are we have a list of “picker-uppers” – the folks

Step 3

Generate a Screenplay

Now that you know how many activities and outcomes you need to achieve your revenue number, and have a list that fits your ideal targeted prospects, what should you say? We create a cold outreach screenplay (not a script! Ask us to explain the difference!) using the language of status, intrigue, novelty, and delivered with calm and just the right amount of modulation and verbal disfluencies to earn trust. We then test this screenplay consistently against previous versions so every cycle we are converting at the highest rates possible.

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