About us

Branch49 is a Full-Stack Sales & Marketing agency

Selling is a human endeavor, which is why we attribute our success to our human approach to sales. Our team is made up of professionals who believe in connecting with people which enables us to deliver the best results for our clients.

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Our Mission

Your company's success is our North Star

Branch 49's mission is to generate trust-generating conversations at scale to assist companies on their path to market dominance.

We develop and execute bold visions, resulting in innovative strategies, industry-leading performance, exceptional visibility, and award-winning experiences.

Trusted and selected by top Fortune 500 companies.

100s of organizations have trusted Branch 49 to generate qualified leads and drive sales engagement.


“We have found that in this era, and in our markets, with the wall of noise so high and thick, the ability to reach your audience via email or content syndication alone, doesn’t work. What we have found is that a combination using a service like Corey’s produces significantly better results. Not only is Corey himself the best sales leader and trainer I have known, his troops are very well trained and they create the most amazing scripts that actually work. We have used Corey’s team for over two years now and continue to use him with customers that have the vision and foresight to look beyond short term ROI and use CLV as the metric for marketing success. In addition, Corey is fair, is always looking for mutual wins, and is a thoroughly class act in a field dominated by flight by night. I can’t recommend the Branch49 Team more strongly.”

Steve King,
CISM CISSP Managing Director


“People who love their jobs tend to do better at their jobs. Building trust, getting others involved and creating a culture of recognition and success is something Corey Frank and the Branch49 team has mastered. Winning is in their blood, dedication to success runs through his veins, his hands-on approach with his clients and team members makes him one of best sales motivators and coaches I have ever worked with or in the industry. He leads by example and his teams are the best in the industry because of it. He will teach you to dig deep-grab a shovel and learn from the best.”

Denise Willet,
Director of Cybersecurity & Compliance Advisory Services


"What can be said about Branch49 that hasn't already been said!? They are a unique and refreshing team in a sea of typical and predictive people. I appreciate Branch49's positive attitude towards everything they and I have accomplished. Their confident and trusting demeanor is exhibited in every interaction. The team is a group of true and polished professionals blessed with positive energy and that not only exude competency, but deliver on every promise."

Mark Walick,
Senior Manager


“Branch49 did an outstanding job in assessing the situation, making recommendations, and reorganizing the group for effectiveness and efficiency resulting in more revenue. They are truly one of the few professionals who understand how to scale an insides sales organization and the metrics that are required to effectuate results. I would highly recommend Branch49 for any company looking to improve in sales.”

Jerry Nine,
COO at Skillsoft

The core values behind
our work

We believe we have been able to succeed on behalf of our clients because of our relentless commitment to our core principles.


By partnering with us, we will be speaking with your clients on your behalf. We don't take that lightly. Every interaction is conducted with the upmost respect and professionalism because we know we are representing your brand.


Our philosophy is that trust makes business go round and a trusting client will never leave you. When we talk to your clients, our objective is to develop trust with every
single conversation.

Positive Atitude

Positive business professionals are like magnets. It is what makes our prospects want to work with us and refer us to their contacts. This mindset also allows us to develop effective sales strategies in any environment.


The problem with most sales teams is that they give up to easy. We know that the majority of your market is won in the follow up which is why we are relentless in our outreach strategy to deliver the best results.

the team

Meet our team of experts

Creating and executing a smart Sales & Marketing strategies requires having the right people on the bus. Our diversity in expertise paired with our focus on results makes us a powerful extension of your organization.

Corey Frank

CEO / Founder
Corey is a tech industry veteran who loves launching relevant technology, shepherding culture-rich and sales-driven organizations and cultivating teams to spark serious revenue. He also suffers from incurable sales ADD and is known to break out in hives upon any launch of a dry PowerPoint or uncreative and meek sales pitch.

John Darby

Chief Revenue Officer
With experience as both a United States Marine and a Pennsylvania State police officer, John adds a special perspective when it comes to “Service” and “Commitment.” John has successfully lead inside sales teams for rapid-growth tech companies & is now heading the Client Delivery division ensuring the quality, volume, and communications of our output exceeds our partners expectations.

Julie Youngblood

Director of Client Amazement
With a background in Developmental Biology and Histology, Julie brings a different perspective to our business development approach. This broadness of thinking along with her vast experience in research, documentation, and feedback relay is why Julie leads our top-tiered Client Amazement team.

Josh Lamberson

Head of Data Strategy & Analytics
As a kid, Josh would spend his free time at his dad’s automotive shop, learning the value of integrity and hard work. Before he knew how to analyze and streamline complex datasets and market challenges for our clients, Josh had already observed how navigate the numerous business decisions faced by any organization.  Josh was recently inducted into GCU’s Colangelo College of Business Hall of Fame.
the advisors

Meet our advisory team

The Branch49 Advisory Team represents the absolute best minds in the business in the B2B Tech Sales landscape today.

Ryan Reisert

Data and Outreach Advisor
Ryan Resiert is the current Brand Ambassador of Cognism and the principal of Phone Ready Leads. Starting from lead gen and ending as a CEO of The Sales Developers, he is a true sales leader with a strong track record in all levels of sales. He's also the co-author of the sales bestseller, "Outbound Sales, No Fluff."

Chris Beall

Market Domination Sales Advisor
Chris Beall is the CEO of Connect and Sell, a “Conversation On Demand” cloud-based sales solution that helps companies increase conversations with intended targets. He is an expert in product development and launching and is a sought-out keynote speaker on topics like Market Dominance and Go-to-Market Strategies.

Oren Klaff

Sales Methodology / Pitch Advisor
Oren is the NY Times Bestselling Author of "Pitch Anything" and "Flip The Script." He has 20+ years of experience advising growth-oriented companies towards entering public markets. Oren has raised more than $500M in acquisition capital and has supported his clients through the generation of over $10B in sales and investments.

Dave Casillo

Channel Sales Advisor
Currently the CRO of Congruity 360, Dave is a successful Fortune 500 senior executive with a 34 year background in diversified global technology businesses such as Hewlett Packard, Dolby Laboratories, Adobe Systems, and United Technologies. Dave has experience developing multi-billion sales & marketing portfolios.

Robert Vera

Innovation & Growth Advisor
Robert is the Founding Director of Grand Canyon University's Canyon Ventures Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship where he advises early stage tech ventures on rapid scaling, product market fit, and market dominance. He is also a NYTimes Best Selling author, an avid Iron Man athlete, and is an active board member for several Veteran’s charities.

Chris Clements

Leadership and Growth Advisor
Chris Clements is the former CEO of Golden Eagle Distributors, Inc. He is a recognized and award-winning global leader in the Young Presidents Organization (YPO). Chris also is involved heavily in organizations like the Halftime Institute of Dallas, Texas and the Leadership Network of the American Enterprise Institute.

Roderick Jefferson

Sales Enablement Advisor
Roderick  has led Global Sales Enablement for Oracle, Marketo, and Paypal and currently leads Sales Enablement efforts for cloud security market leader Netskope. Roderick is also Executive-in-Residence with VentureScale and one of the founding members of the Sales Enablement Society.

Steve King

Cybersecurity Market Advisor
Steve is currently a Managing Director at cyber-industry leading CyberTheory, a Founding Board Member at CyberEd.io, and a Forbes Technology Council founding Member. An expert with over 25 years of executive and planning experience in Cybersecurity markets & organizations such as Wells Fargo and Uber Connect.

The Market Dominance Guys

Co-hosted by Corey Frank and Chris Beall, The Market Dominance Guys is a ridiculously popular podcast that serves as a "cook book" for dominating business markets without giving up control of your company - or your life.

Listen to The Market Dominance Guys

When odds are one in a million…BE THAT ONE!

We are a quirky, slightly eccentric group of folks who thumb our collective noses at mediocrity and like to wrestle with all the challenges that the world brings us – inside our our walls AND outside.

We aim to transform, dignify, and de-risk the profession of Sales and Business Development from the inside-out.

Don't be a "sales tourist" and instead let us help you reach liberation and happiness by focusing on the true craft and science of our wonderful profession.