Unified Communications as a Service

How a Top Tiered UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) Provider achieved a 9.8x return in channel marketing spend

Branch 49 partnered with a top-tiered UCaaS provider and assisted over 60 of their nationwide channel partners to boost prospect meetings and funnel net new business wins. The Top 10 Channel Partners, specifically, saw nearly a 10x increase in win activity over 12 months.


Market Dominance as a service / Outsourcing SDR/Appointment setting

Platforms and TechStack

Connect & Sell, Phoneburner, Phone Ready Leads™ (PRL’s), and the Ryan Reisert “Bucket System”

Result 1

Total Meetings set

Result 2

Qualified Channel Reseller Partner Meetings Shown/”Pitches” Performed

The Results

  • 1141 Total Meetings set
  • 662 Total Partner Meetings Shown/performed
  • 224 opportunities identified and validated with quotes sent
  • 39 deals reported (thus far)
  • LTV CV on confirmed closed partner deals = $2,191,936 (so far)
  • Top 10 Partner Cohort ROI of 9.8X against total Partner channel marketing investment with Branch49


The Provider was seeking a fresh way to bolster “Top of Funnel” activity and drive net new business leads to boost pipelines and drive sales of their UCaaS solution through their channel reseller partner network while simultaneously validating messaging and keeping the lowest Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)...enter Branch49. The traditional marketing channel outreach investment for baseball games, steak dinners, and golf outings were simply not having the ROI desired, nor the definitive new business attribution associated to the marketing dollars expended. Most partners simply wanted a steady stream of new business “hand raiser” leads to justify their mindshare of the Partner product line.


 Branch49 worked with the Partner Enablement and Marketing Managers on first mapping out their Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) within their given Total Addressable Market (TAM). This is the first element of building a path to Market Dominance. Next, the target list was crafted, validated through initial PRL activity, and paired with two unique messages from using our unique and proven Branch49 cold outreach sales structure. The two versions of the outbound screenplay were rehearsed by the Branch49 team and then tested to validity for the first 100 meetings converted. The winning message was used for the additional 100 meetings. This process was repeated every 100 meetings through the engagement. This “two screenplay” approach is used for all of our Branch49 campaigns and regular and substantial increases in conversation rates are the result. Generally the longer the campaign, the greater the meeting conversion rate since the messaging gets honed so frequently. Many of our clients also use our outbound messaging “exhaust” to enhance and test against their own digital and LinkedIn outbound marketing messaging programs.

After constantly analyzing the Dial to Connect rate (D2C), the dial to meeting rate (D2M), and the conversation to conversion rate (C2C) at all milestones through the reporting from our tech stack, each of the channel partner’s calendars were filled at a rate of approximately 10-12 meetings (shown) every two weeks.